Relinquishing a Pet to Friends of Scales Reptile Rescue

Everyone has a different reason why they must relinquish their beloved pet. Here at Friends of Scales, we believe in making this process entail as little emotional distress as possible. We all understand that this is a hard decision to come to and often is a difficult time for everyone involved.

To relinquish an animal, fill out the form below and one of our board members will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that we are a volunteer operated, foster based rescue that does not have a access to a central facility or permanent staff, so please allow us 2-10 days to respond to your emails! You will be asked a few basic questions about the age, gender, and health of your animal. We typically utilize Tuesday and Wednesday evenings for relinquishments, however exceptions may be able to be made based on availability of volunteers. Please, be advised that since we are a foster based organization, the relinquishment will take place at a personal residence.

There is a required $50.00 relinquishment donation per relinquishment. All of our animals are given a veterinary exam in order to ensure the best quality care for the sick and injured as well as guarantee a clean bill of health for all animals that are adopted out through our rescue. Friends of Scales is a private, not-for- profit organization with somewhat limited space and resources. We are very serious about not over-crowding or neglecting the animals in our care, and unfortunately must turn away relinquishments in some cases. If we are unable to take in your reptile here at Friends of Scales, we will do our best to help you find a new home for your animal. As space becomes available, we will be more than happy to accept your animal into the rescue and begin looking for a new home.

Unfortunately, our rescue can NOT accept iguanas, red eared sliders, and painted turtles at this time. Granted, there are always emergency exceptions to this rule, however, there is limited space for "permanent" residents within the rescue which is, due to space, longevity, and care requirements what iguanas and red eared sliders typically become. Again, if you have one of these animals in need of relinquishment we will do our best to point you in a direction that can help!

If you have an aquatic turtle or iguana, send us an email with a picture of your animal, basic information and a way to contact you. We can use our social media connections to help find your pet a great new home.

We will never question your reasoning for relinquishment, all we at Friends of Scales want to do is find a nice warm home for your cold blooded friend!

Relinquishment Form

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